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MSN Chat Control 3. It doesn't have nearly as many, but some of the ones it does have can be useful. Same as clicking the Coffee Cup button. Same as typing an action and clicking the! This list is used to manage who can and cannot enter the room, as well as those who are automatically unspecced upon entry, and those who are automatically made hosts and owners. DENY - Specifies users that are not allowed into the room a.

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I was active on MSN Chat between andand learned a great deal during that time. These people would work in shifts, in a call centre in the USA, and ensure that the HelpDesk channel was covered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This person was then responsible for the running of the Official Channels across the entire US market, and so it remained until closure.

Msn closing chatrooms - let others deal with bad elements online

Koach was hired as a ms at this point, in order to educate the users and staff on IRC clients and a whole different world than what they were used to with Comic Chat. I can be contacted on irc. MSN Chat Control 3. If it is -mode, then the mode is no longer active.

Cannot be set by normal users. One of the more obvious changes in relation to staff that came about when PSI took over was the creation of ly unseen Guides. Stores information for the Room List generator, for example "ST!

Msn to close chat rooms around world

Same as clicking the Coffee Cup button. The commonly used clients for these two environments were mIRC, the discontinued Comic Chat client and Pirch, the latter gaining a large fanbase and popularity on both. Anything above users must be set during room creation and may not actually be enforced. He runs his own IRC network now, and can be contacted there: irc. This list is used to manage who can and cannot enter the room, as well as those who are automatically unspecced upon entry, and those who are automatically made hosts and owners.

Koach was hired to remain on as a liaison and trainer, and all of the Assistant Chat Managers that originated back from Comic Chat were initially kept on to manage the Host Teams in their respective.

About chat rooms:

Chatters could not the room from a different server, with slight exceptions being allowed for Event rooms. If -t, any user can change the topic. While this was not technically a public Chat Server, the administrators and developers had no issues with people connecting; presumably as this aided their development and allowed for feedback. As time went on, and less and less users were connecting to MSN, Microsoft instructed PSI to make some staffing cuts to reduce their perceived cost.

NAME - The room's name same as the actual room name. GRANT - These are people that are specifically allowed into the room, even through a ly placed ban.

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For a long time, there was the ability for users of third party clients to ban MSN Sysops from entering a channel. Things such as passwords, and even the language cuat category information are stored as PROP entries. Can only be set during room creation. Once PSI took over, some crucial staffing decisions had to be made.

Msn chat information

They are all self explanatory, so I'll leave it at that. Of course, not everyone uses Vincula. Either way, when adding an entry to the access list, you need to use the person's gate in one of a few ways. This server was also responsible for generating the room list functionality cat the main website.

Msn chat room

Note that this is a lowercase w. As such, all Assistant Chat Managers bar one were removed, thus combining all the volunteer hosts together under one umbrella, and all reporting to one Chat Manager. Byall remaining servers were linked together as irc. It doesn't have nearly as many, but some of the ones it does have can be useful. The first great merger: Comic Chat and MSN Chat Microsoft soon began to realize that running and maintaining three separate environments was somewhat fruitless, and required too much maintenance and support; the chatbeta servers were to be switched offline, and the users and some staff transitioned over to irc.

Msn chat room

Banned users. The user is labeled a Participant. The MODE command Modes are used to control all sorts of different settings, either on yourself, on the chatroom, or on other people in the chatroom.

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Towards the end ofchatbeta had been fully shutdown, with the comic chat exclusive servers soon to follow. Core difference from regular IRC networks being that all chatters within an individual room were connected to mxn same Chat Server. We have worked together on many projects, and I consider him a close friend. Same as typing an action and clicking the! LAG - A of seconds between 0 and 2 that causes a fake lag between two messages from the same person.

Thank you MSN While the server was indeed a true IRC server, if one was to connect using an alternate client for example, Pirch it would be somewhat irritating, as Comic Chat users would send text with a special prefix not interpreted by any other clients.

Msn chat room

The password used to make one's self an owner in the room. Now working for Microsoft, I was able to fact-check this article and make some needed adjustments. One of the first services that MSN.

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To make good use of the access list, you need to understand Hostmasks: Everyone on MSN has a unique identifier attached to them. Used in OnStage.

The password used to make one's self a host in the room. Comic Chat, and indeed its server of mic. It was a move by MSN to try to open up IRC to more than the current client-based audience, by allowing people to chat directly from their browser with little to no technical knowledge.

The PROP command, for rooms The room properties are where certain bits of information about a room are stored. A Microsoft-sponsored project was launched, referred to as chatbeta.

Msn chat room

Chat Server - provided the chat rooms themselves. It can now be safely declared that this article is as accurate as possible pertaining to MSN Chat. A ificant of volunteers were let go, however key people remained. At this stage there were potentially 9 different servers available for users to connect to. W - "No Guest Whispers" - Guests cannot whisper non-hosts.