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She is now a student. For sex trafficking story in Busan, South Korea. These bars are popular with U. For sex trafficking story.

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You Mi's family lived in one of the poorer neighborhoods of Busan.

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At a coffee shop in Busan, the broker looked at her body and face and said she could have the job if she wanted it. It was Friday, and her friends wanted to go out again. Along a crooked hillside market in the South Korean port city of Busan, vendors gut fish and wash chicken feet, getting ready for the morning shopping rush. It was a line You Mi heard daily inside Sun Spa.

He seemed to be enjoying it. Her younger sister was starting college that year, and her parents couldn't afford to send both girls. He seemed to be enjoying it. The idea that college is a place for women to meet eligible husbands is still widely held in a country where it's rare to see a female politician, judge or professor.

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And the customer always does. You Mi wasted no time. She was too ashamed to tell her friends or family about her mounting debt. South Korea. So by fallYou Mi began to wonder whether she was willing to do the unthinkable: sell her body.

It's common knowledge that the sex trade employs many women in Korea, yet people rarely speak of it. She dreamed of changing from a caterpillar to a butterfly -- from an awkward girl in a school uniform to a glamorous sophisticate wrapped in fashionable clothes, jewelry and perfume.

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The man who answered the okrean said he needed to meet her in person. You Mi's family lived in one of the poorer neighborhoods of Busan. Before her were hundreds of for sex workers: escorts, room salon girls, masseuses, exotic dancers and outcall services. Busan is infamous for Wan Wol Dong, a maze of dark alleys where women are on display in row upon row of "glass houses.

The clock wouldn't move fast enough. She had never heard of a sex-free room salon before, but maybe in the United Lod things were different. You Mi began massaging his shoulders.

Once a scene of clubbing and karaoke, this big purple building in koreatown is being transformed

She gave her trust, and in return her life went horribly wrong, terribly fast. Store upon store, no larger than walk-in closets, offered a paradise targeted at You Mi's generation: metallic handbags, low-rise jeans, high-heeled boots, skin-care creams, digital cameras and American-style sneakers. She wanted koorean fix it herself without burdening anyone.

He was short on details, but told her she would pour drinks for men in room salons in Koreatown in Los Angeles. For nearly a year, You Mi was caught in a sex-trafficking triangle -- starting in South Korea, one of the world's leading importers and exporters of sex slaves, and stretching to the exploding Asian outcall market of Los Angeles and then to the Asian massage-parlor mecca on the West Coast: San Francisco. She would also be trapped culturally, unable to speak more than a few basic sentences in English, unaware of where she was and dependent on her captors for food and shelter.

Busan is also the birthplace of South Korea's sex industry, where Japanese troops built the first brothels after invading the country in You Mi was stuck. After school, You Mi took the bus to Seomyeon, a shopping district jammed with neon-covered multistory department stores and an enormous underground mall beneath eight lanes of traffic. She felt popular. Women sit on chairs or chaises or on the floor inside, illuminated by red lights that cast a pink glow.

She felt popular. But the selling of Korean women goes back to the 15th century, when wealthy men bought educated Kisaeng girls to live in their homes and entertain them with song, dance, cooking and sometimes sex. Her mother tried opening a restaurant, selling boiled eggs and sticky rice as a anteles vendor, and running a karaoke bar, but those ventures also failed. The room salon was off-limits to You Mi and her younger sister, although sometimes her mother would ask her to fetch dried squid and other snacks for the family business.

High-paying jobs are limited for Korean women, and nearly nonexistent for young women without a college degree, like You Koreean. Less than a year earlier, she'd been a college student in South Korea, only to be tricked into leaving her home by sex traffickers offering promises of a high-paying hostess job.

While a South Korean law targeting pimps and buyers has slowed foot traffic in the roon sex markets, early s indicate that the crackdown has had the unintended effect of fueling koreab sex trafficking.

Korean prostitution ring in california shames the korean community

But a week later, the pang had subsided. At college for the first time, she was surrounded by friends who came from the glittering beach high-rises. Her mother tried opening a restaurant, selling boiled eggs and sticky ls as a street vendor, and running a karaoke bar, but those ventures also failed. They recruit in cities like Seoul and Busan, where most of the country's universities are located.

The ultimate in relaxation and refreshment.

The manager ordered her back to work. Then You Mi took out a second credit card to pay off all the loans. After showering, he led her to the bed and stretched out on his stomach. Top Picks In Shopping. Then the man's eyes went blank.

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kirean Sex is sold out of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, barbershops, tearooms, karaoke bars, saunas, massage parlors, over the Internet, in skin-care shops and hair salons, in computer rooms called PC bangs, in "love motels" and in nightclubs near U. It was a line You Mi heard daily inside Sun Spa. After looking for a week, You Mi found on the Internet what appeared to be the perfect solution.

Korean room salon los angeles

Hundreds of girls walking arm in arm crowded the halls, laughing, shopping and talking on cell phones. For one year, her mother managed a room salon, where women in skirt suits pour drinks, sing karaoke, dance and, if asked, retreat to a private room to have sex with customers. And they had something You Mi had never seen before -- credit cards.