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If a guy texts you after 10pm


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By Corinne Sullivan Sep. Whether you broke up three weeks ago or three years ago, seeing their name pop up on your phone screen out of the blue is sure to send you for a loop.

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Saying, "I'm not sure it's such a great idea for us to keep talking," or, "I need some space, and I would be grateful if you respected that," lets your ex know you aren't necessarily bitter, but you're definitely not interested. Did they realize it was a mistake?

What you should know about texting and dating

Long time no chat. In responding to tedts unexpected text from an ex, you're opening a can of worms, and no matter your intentions, you should practice caution.

If a guy texts you after 10pm

Even if your old partner's text seems to suggest they want something more than friendship, you are not obligated to return the sentiment. An even better question: How the heck are you supposed to respond, if at all? I've missed talking to you," or, "It's affter to hear from you.

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To make it known you're not open to starting up a relationship again, platonic or romantic, text back in a way that is short but not-so-sweet. But if you think you might be ready to give your relationship another try, even just as friends, then choose your response carefully and see what happens.

However, as Burns told Elite Daily, you may be better not responding at aftr. In any case, you'll probably want to find a middle ground between, "I never stopped loving you," and "New phone, who dis? I've been dying to discuss the new season of our fave show with someone.

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Knowing how to react when your ex texts you randomly always depends on the situation, like the length of time that has passed since you last spoke or why exactly you two split in the first place. Send us your comment or query, and we'll get right affter it.

You can via WhatsApp Web if you're on a desktop, or your normal app on your mobile. But guuy that ex is suddenly hitting up your phone, and you're wondering whether you two may have made a mistake by calling it quits.

What his text really means

You decided you were better off as friends, or that you wouldn't work out in the long run, and you mutually decided to part ways. Joy Harden Bradford ly explained to Elite Daily. More like this. Try, "It's so weird that you just texted — something hilarious happened the other day and I almost texted to tell you about," or, gu glad you texted.

As Bela Gandhipresident at Smart Dating Academy, ly told Elite Daily, "If they're texting you that they want to hang out, that they miss you, that they've made a mistake I'm always in favor of taking the high road — there really isn't anything to gain from being nasty. So before you fire back a response, think carefully about what it is you want from that ex, which is likely one of three things. Just keep your respond brief, detached, and straightforward, and they'll likely back off.

Are you supposed to feel excited? Choose the relevant contact form for your question and we'll get guh to you as soon as possible.

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To save time, we've got contact forms for every occasion that go direct to team you need. Remember what you want, and respond in a way that makes your intentions clear.

If a guy texts you after 10pm

By Corinne Sullivan Sep. We should catch up over coffee," you can express your interest without coming on too strong and facing potential disappointment. Whether you broke up three weeks ago or three years ago, seeing their name pop up on your phone screen out of the blue is sure to send you for a loop.

If someone is only texting you between 10 p. By saying, "Hey, stranger.

But if you z a specific flight or booking related query, drop us a line. First things first: Figure out if your ex is thinking that, too, or if they're just looking to hook up. As tricky as it is to stay friends with an exit can be done.

If a guy texts you after 10pm